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3 types of people that are NOT safe for your relationship

3 types of people that are NOT safe for your relationship

1. Abandoners

These individuals start a relationship but can’t stick with it. They often leave when you need them the most. They are afraid of getting too close, so they prefer shallow relationships. Others are simply perfectionists and leave people in whom they find “faults.”

2. Critics

These are people who are judgmental without being caring. They have no room for grace or forgiveness, say the authors, adding that they often jump on doctrinal and ethical bandwagons and are more focused on pointing out others’ errors than they are on making real connections with people. They can leave you feeling guilt-ridden and full of anxiety.

3. Irresponsibles

People of this type don’t take care of their own lives very well. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions, don’t follow through on commitments and are just generally flaky. You come to resent them after giving them an endless number of chances and you’ll find yourself often making excuses for them.

Recognise the signs that someone is unsafe for you

To recognize a type of unsafe person or a character trait that raises a red flag, below are a handful of the traits that should raise a sceptical eyebrow when you come across them in a new acquaintance or date.

Unsafe people are those who can be:

– Self-righteous or falsely humble instead of humble
– Defensive instead of open to feedback.
– Apologetic without changing their harmful behaviours.
– Quick to blame others instead of taking responsibility for their decisions.
– The type to avoid working on any problems they have instead of dealing with them.
– Liars.