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Betrayed By The Ones She Loved, Trembling Puppy Doesn’t Believe She’s Safe

A dog named Comfort was cruelly abandoned by her family when she was only three months old, and she was left to fend for herself. 

A kind-hearted bystander who saw the unfortunate event took the young puppy to a shelter located in Los Angeles, California.

Comfort was discovered trembling in terror at the rear of her kennel, having been betrayed by those she trusted. Upon her arrival at the shelter, it was evident she was suffering from malnutrition and dehydration, and she showed no interest in food. Furthermore, she was battling a flea infestation.

She was shaking and cowering in her small space, not making eye contact with the shelter personnel and rebuffing all attempts to touch her, and it was obvious how afraid she was. The sight of Comfort in such a state of fear deeply saddened the shelter’s staff and volunteers.

Ashely Pittman, a volunteer at the Los Angeles shelter and with the nonprofit organization A Purposeful Rescue, made the decision to assist Comfort in locating a foster home. 

She shared a video of the scared puppy on Instagram, which quickly gained attention and spread to TikTok, where it became viral.

After watching the video, a foster contacted Pittman and A Purposeful Rescue, volunteering to look after Comfort. They quickly made plans to pick her up from the shelter.

Once under the care of A Purposeful Rescue, Comfort was welcomed into her foster home, where her foster mother was committed to helping her overcome her fears and reveal her true self. The shelter environment had left Comfort anxious, but her foster mother understood that with time and patience, Comfort would begin to unwind.

Comfort showed indications of distress during her first several days at the foster home, whimpering and hiding under a bed.

Her foster mom provided her with unwavering care and affection, nurturing Comfort back to a sense of security. Gradually, Comfort started to show signs of improvement, her eyes now gleaming with hope as she began to settle into her new environment. Just look at this sweet girl in her adoption video, posted below.

Her foster mother is excited for Comfort to fully reveal herself. When Comfort is comfortable in her foster home, the process of finding her own place to live will begin.

The hope is that Comfort will soon be embraced by a forever family that will provide her with the love and care she deserves, cherishing her for a lifetime. Comfort’s heartwarming transformation can be seen in the video below.


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