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Here Are 3 Mind Games That Only Insecure Men Play In Relationships

In a relationship, When something goes wrong, we may want to blame. We blame for ourselves, our partner and even other things. However, what if you don’t feel you have mistakes in your relationships.
Who is an insecure man? He is a person that will belittle women and play mind games so that women think that she is less than her self-worth. In these games, women will doubt themselves and even feel guilty. So, what are Mind Games that insecure men play in relationships? Take a closer look at them!
1. The blame game
Blame can fall on both partners in most relationships, and each individual will work towards a solution together. Nevertheless, if you feel he is putting all blame on you, you can see it as his way of manipulation. He may pick at your faults instead of his own.
In such a situation, instead of suffering from it alone, you should share your feelings with trusted people around you. These people may be your family members, friends and even a therapist. In general, they should be a person who can listen to you without judgment. If you take responsibility for some problems in your relationship, you should take ownership of that blame. However, If you don’t, you shouldn’t be responsible for faults that are his own.

2. The Shame Game
In addition to putting blame, a popular mind game is shame game. An insecure man will use this game against you to get what he wants. Shame makes women painful and even feel humiliating with repeated offens. If the man does this game with you and at the same time lifts the other up, this may be a toxic and harmful sign of manipulation. To deal with this game, please walk away and don’t buy into it.
Shame also comes from projection and is considered as a form of manipulation tool designed out of desperation and fear to lower your own character and keep you dependent on them. Don’t get involved in the shame because you can turn it into a constant and vicious cycle of emotional abuse.

3. The fame game
Men that manipulate will often project their insecurities of failure onto you, which guilts you into not feeling adequate enough. They can lie to you and throw their problems and insecurities at you to conceal their own feelings of inadequacy and insecurities. If you were in this situation, the best way is to tell someone you can trust.
Sometimes you may want to help this person but an insecure man will use your feelings of guilt and sympathy to pull you deeper into a more vicious cycle. If anyone in your life uses you as a pedestal for their own ego, it may be high time you walked away and surrounded yourself with people who will appreciate and love you.

Source: womenworking.com