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How to be a desirable woman that every man looks for

How to be a desirable woman that every man looks for

1. Be Honest And Authentic

A man is always attracted to onesty, straightforwardness, and genuineness of a woman.

Men generally prefer a woman they can trust. A woman whose words they wouldn’t doubt for a second.

One important reason we want to be in a relationship is to connect with someone we feel safe around. Now, do you think a man will desire to be with you if you are the type that says one thing and does another? Nobody wants to associate with double-standard personalities.

The way forward?

Be real, be honest, be you.

2. Be A Good Listener And Show Empathy

Although men may appear tough, rigid, and strong, they have a lot of weaknesses and insecurities. Therefore, they tend to look out for a woman who listens to their plights and understands them. Someone who lends them listening ears during those awkward moments when their emotions come crashing.

On a norm, everyone expects a man not to shed tears. Everyone expects a man to be a “man”. It only takes an empathetic woman to understand how a man truly feels. She’s able to walk in a man’s shoes and feel his pain. She’s always there in those trying times to listen to his troubles and suggest possible solutions… That’s why most men won’t joke with such a woman. For them, she’s a rare gem.

Now, let’s clarify a little further; no one is suggesting you should only listen to him and not express yourself too. It’s always going to be a two-way effort. The idea is; while expressing yourself, don’t get carried away. Always remember that men cry as well. And they need a shoulder to lean on, just like you do.

3. Don’t Hesitate To Appreciate His Efforts

There is nothing wrong with saying “thank you” when he gives you a ride to your office in the morning. Remember, he can easily tell you he is tired or busy. But he didn’t. He wants to be helpful. He wants to be a gentleman. So, appreciate him for that.

You see, the best part about being appreciative is that it costs little or nothing — just like killing a bird without any stone; because you gained his admiration at no cost or stress.

4. Compliment Him

This is another way to be a desirable woman (at no significant cost) is by complimenting your man.

Whenever you notice that his outfit is cool, or that he recently got a decent haircut, or that his beard is well-groomed, don’t hesitate to give him a thumbs up for that. Then look at him closely; you’ll see him blushing. He likes it!

However, remember not to overdo this. Pouring unnecessary praises on him might be counterproductive as your compliments might lose their value or even be perceived as mere flattery.

5. Be Reliable

Reliability matters a lot whether in a romantic relationship, business, or any other form of interaction you can think of.

One of the things that drive people into relationships is so they can count on their partners when it matters.

Can he count on your support when he’s out of ideas? What about your assistance when he’s emotionally down? Can he bask in your intelligence and knowledge when making crucial decisions in life? Can he discuss his life ambitions, goals, and career strategies without risking your disapproval?

These and many more are traits that men look out for in a woman. Most men won’t find you desirable if you lack such traits.

6. Love Yourself

Before you even wish to become a desirable woman, ask yourself; “do I desire the woman I am?” This question is important because you can’t trust a man to admire you when you don’t even find yourself admirable. Ponder on that.

That love and admiration you want to get from the people around you should begin within you. Love yourself both for what you are and who you are. You don’t have to be apologetic about it.

By admiring yourself, you’re setting the standard for how you want others to admire you. Besides, practicing self-love portrays a level of confidence that men simply can’t resist.