Home Health Mangy stray cat stuns foster mom when he eventually opens his eyes.

Mangy stray cat stuns foster mom when he eventually opens his eyes.

When a man from southeast Florida noticed a stray cat feeding from his pet’s bawl, he moved closer to determine who the tiny “thief” was. When he noticed the cat was completely covered with mange and almost blind due to the severity of its illness, he quickly took a photo and posted it on social media in the hopes of reaching someone who could assist the stray animal.

Fortunately, the man’s post was re-shared and reached exactly the appropriate individual.

When Carmen Morales Weinberg, the founder of the local rescue  Animal Friends Project, came across the post, she knew just what to do.

Carmen contacted the man, and soon, the cat was in her care.

She rushed the cat to the vet, who informed her that the unfortunate animal not only had severe mange but was also starved and dehydrated.

The cat, which was later named Cotton, could sense Carmen was there to help.

Carmen opened her house to let him in to help Cotton’s recovery

“Cotton stayed hunched over for days and seemed very uncomfortable,” Carmen stated but he eventually adjusted to his new life. He even grew his fur back and began to resemble a healthy cat.

When he could finally open his eyes fully, he prepared a special surprise for the woman who had given him a fresh lease on life. Cotton had heterochromia iridium, a disorder that causes multicolored irises. One of them was blue, the other green.

The condition can affect humans and dogs as well, but when it comes to cats, but it is most common in cats with white fur.

Cotton’s change is another example of the distinction between love and affection.