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Mom Is Shamed For Her Baby Rules But Gains Enthusiastic Supports From Netizens

A new mum has revealed how she was mum-shamed when she put in some firm baby rules after her little one arrived.
A young mom with TikTok user charliclellandxx, uploaded uploaded a video with the caption: “Rules I was shamed for as a new mum.” In this video, the new mother mentioned various rules.

Credit: Tiktok/@charliclellandxx

“Making people wash their hands before touching her.” was the first rule. Charli also said that she was also shamed for letting her baby sleep in her arms.
Inn addition, she was shockingly told off for banning visitors for the first few days so she could have some time alone with her baby after giving birth.
In the fourth rule the young mom said that raised eyebrows was not letting anyone kiss her face. “Not allowing anyone have her overnight yet (except my mum).” is her last rule.
In the comments, Charli explained that people haven’t been able to understand why her mum-in-law hasn’t been able to look after her baby yet. She said she feels “awful” but can only trust her mum.

Credit: Tiktok/@charliclellandxx

Seeing her video, many people showed their support for Charli and said they had similar rules for their baby.
One said: “All valid rules, she is your baby.”
Another added: “My rules too. Some family members think I am being over the top but I’m terrified of my newborn getting ill.”
However, there are also some people having neutral comments
One said: “I don’t have any rules as such, people just used their common sense.”