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Once at prom, Dad takes his disabled daughter and finds a $10,000 check for “dad of the year” in the mailbox.

Molly was quite little when her parents got divorced. She was raised by her mother, Daisy, while her father, Danny, was absent from her life.

Her mother passed away around ten years after she and her father divorced. Molly felt as though her entire world had crumbled to pieces. Suddenly, she was alone and had no one to support her save a few close friends and family members.

Molly was crying over her mother’s casket when she felt a hand land on her back from a wheelchair. It was her father, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time. The only information she knew about him came from her mother, who she thought had abandoned them and didn’t always speak well of him.

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Danny asked Molly to move in with him after the funeral. Her father had not been there when she was growing up, so she was anxious but he was there now, willing to take her in and look after her.

Because of a childhood injury, Molly experienced difficulty using her left leg; therefore, she was confined to her wheelchair when she wasn’t moving around with the assistance of her clutches.

Despite what her mother had told her about him, Molly and Danny made an effort to get to know one other, and he appeared like a great person. Danny did make a sincere effort to be the parent his daughter truly needed. But he sneaks out of the house throughout the night, proving to Molly that her mother’s suspicions about him were correct – that he didn’t spend the night at home but went out with friends to the pub.

Despite that, Molly felt secure by her dad’s side.

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One night, he heard Molly crying aloud in her room as he got home. She refused to tell him what was bothering her even though he hurried over to ask what was wrong. Still, Danny persisted. Every tear that fell from his daughter’s face broke his heart. After he reassured her that she could tell him anything, Molly at last opened up. She told her father that she was the only student in the class without a prom date. After hearing this, Danny’s heart hurt.

“I have no date. I even asked some boys if they would at least dance with me at prom, but they laughed at me and said no,” Molly said. Daddy, I want to be alone myself. I don’t want to go to the prom! Good night!”

Danny was not going to let Molly skip her prom. He told her she wouldn’t be alone on her special night and bought her an incredible gown the next day.

Danny, a truck driver, parked his big truck in front of the school and gave a loud honk when prom night arrived. As everyone was staring at him, he exited the truck, dragged the wheelchair outside, and pushed his daughter onto the red carpet while the crowd gasped in shock.

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As the music played, the father and daughter danced in the center of the floor, Danny holding his daughter in his arms. Molly forgot about her infirmity and laughed her heart out as her father continued to sway her. “My father is my actual superhero. I love him more than anything else in the world. “I feel blessed and proud to be his daughter,” Molly told her classmates that night.

The two had a lot of fun, but what they didn’t know was that after that night, their lives would be changed forever.

When they got home, Danny admitted to Molly that he and her mother split when he stopped spending nights at home. But, contrary to what his wife imagined, Danny wasn’t out drinking; instead, he was working a second job at a nursing home to save money for Molly’s surgery, which would allow her to walk normally again. Molly’s mother did not trust Danny, so they decided to separate ways.

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Danny got back home from work the next morning and noticed an envelope in his mailbox. There was a card attached that said, “Dad of the Year!”

Danny found a letter with $10,000 inside the envelope. “Dear Danny, we hope this improves your daughter’s life. Good luck with her operation, and we hope you can spend more time with her in the evenings. “Best wishes, your prom buddies!”

Danny could not believe his eyes. He knew the parents he’d met the night before were behind this incredible effort.

He was quick to enter the house and inform his daughter. “Really?! My God, Daddy…”This is unbelievable.”

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Danny paid for Molly’s operation with the $10,000 check and the money he had saved. It succeeded, and gradually, she was able to walk without the use of crutches.

After achieving his goal, Danny left his night work, allowing him to spend more time with his daughter and, presumably, make up for the years he had spent apart.