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The one thing Prince Harry ‘has always hated’ about his father Charles, disclosed by royal expert

It’s been rumored that the relationship between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, is at its lowest point. As per some rumors, William, the future king, is said to not even want to talk with his younger brother on the phone, although he and his wife, Kate Middleton, may wish to attempt to save their strained union.

In his autobiographical tell-all book of the same name, Harry wrote that he has always felt like a “spare”. William was the future king, hence his brother held greater significance for the Firm. Even yet, their mother, Princess Diana, pass ed away when they were quite young, making their experience distinct and sorrowful in comparison to earlier royal generations.

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Harry has even referred to his brother as his “archnemesis,” indicating that what was once a beautiful brotherhood has changed. But as per a new report, Harry has a serious issue not just with William but also with his father. The one thing the Duke of Sussex genuinely “hates” about his father—and it worries his brother—has been made public by a royal specialist.

William and Harry have lived similar –but simultaneously very different – lives. They had a blissful upbringing. But as everyone knows, on August 31, 1997, their mother, Princess Diana, w ent away, and their lives were never the same. With the pass ing of their mother, William and Harry were left with only Charles as a parent.

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You would imagine that at difficult times, the royal family, like any other family, would grieve —at least in private—despite the fact that they are an institution with norms, customs, and a way of acting. Harry claims that when Princess Diana, his mother, pass ed away, that was not the case.

Harry “hates” that his father Charles consistently sides with William. He is aware that everyone will be observing to see if he is mature enough to approach his father.

“He will definitely send a warm message and he is determined to try to ignore his troubled relationship with his father,” royal expert Tom Quinn said.

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Thought there have been multiple attempts at reconciliation, Harry doesn’t have a good relationship with his brother or father. According to Tom Quinn, while Harry wants to make apologies, he has a major issue since he believes King Charles doesn’t care enough about him and instead “supports” William over his younger son.

Quinn told the Mirror that Harry simply detests the fact that Charles usually seems to side with William in family conflicts, making it easy to forget that he actually loves his father.